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Opening Up New Ways Out

Therapeutic Ways Out of Chronic Illness for Children and Adults

The conventional medical establishment currently recognizes 30,000 illnesses. And yet it is only able to completely heal or at least significantly relieve a third of them, and this is often still accompanied by serious side effects, emotional stress, and considerable cost.

Those who suffer include millions of chronically ill children – whether with asthma, eczema, learning or behavioral disabilities, allergies, rheumatism, cancer, or handicaps. Appalling numbers of them are considered to be "resistant to therapy" if not even "incurable".

It is to such children – and their families, who suffer along with them – that we want to open up new ways out.

But how?

"The end of medical help is far from the end", says a doctor whose daughter first found help from a therapist with WAYS OUT.

We agree: Even in cases of especially serious, stubborn afflictions, and even in supposedly "hopeless" cases, help is almost always possible – through unconventional types of healing from a broad spectrum of natural and alternative healing remedies, using holistic, energetic, and spiritual approaches.

The Foundation for Ways Out

(1) We help you find a therapist

Families worried about a child undergoing health problems may receive, free of charge, addresses and information about exceptional therapists who have proven to be particularly successful at easing chronic afflictions. For this we have developed an international network of over 200 doctors, psychotherapists, natural healing therapists, and other alternative healing practitioners in 37 countries, which we are continuously expanding. In a booklet entitled "In Guten Händen" we have introduced every one of these therapists in detail.

For Example:

Anja had been suffering from epilepsy for four years. It was a WAYS OUT therapist who was first able to free her of it – through acupuncture, acupressure, and gentle massage techniques.

For three quarters of a year, MCV lesions had disfigured the face of eight-year-old Sarah. The prescribed ointments and powders had been of no help, and using abrasion techniques could have left scars. Finally, a WAYS OUT doctor found a homeopathic remedy, and within three weeks the lesions completely disappeared, without coming back.

15-year-old Andrea had been plagued by serious phobias. A WAYS OUT therapist was able to deal with them at their source - with a 4-hour "past life regression".

Ever since his brain surgery, Gabriel, 9, was afflicted with incessant headaches and dizziness that caused him to fall repeatedly. No neurologist was able to find the cause, much less the appropriate therapy. A WAYS OUT doctor laid her hands on him three times and the symptoms disappeared completely.

(2) We consult with you

For affected families, our expert medical team is there. About 50 doctors, psychotherapists, and natural healing practitioners contribute their work to it. We have set up a telephone information line that offers 45 hours of in-depth consulting per week, free of charge. All our consultants are introduced in a brochure which we provide to parents for free.

(3) We provide treatments

Every year we invite afflicted children and their families to therapeutic "summer camps" for intensive care together in idyllic surroundings – under medical supervision. We offer consultation and treatment free of charge. The children's treatment is then continued in the vicinity of their homes by WAYS OUT therapists.

Encouraging Successes:

In over 80 per cent of all children who took part in the first three WAYS OUT "summer camps" in 2007 to 2009, their parents who had come along with them noticed remarkable progress, such as they had never seen in years: partially in their symptoms, partially in their general physical and psychological conditions. Medical examinations confirmed these impressions.

The voices of parents who have participated in WAYS OUT summer camps together with their children:

I consider this kind of camp very good, because for once such children are checked, helped, and healed on different levels. Even just the atmosphere in such a camp is much more beneficial than anything else we've done so far with our son. All in all it was a deeply moving week with an incredibly committed team, to which we must say "hats off" and thank-you from the bottom of our hearts." (mother of Clemens, 13, motor disabilities with paralysis and lack of fine motor skills)

"In these beautiful surroundings we immediately felt comfortable with people who were doing us good. What was excellent was the commitment of those responsible for us, the common bond between the participants, a great offering of leisure activities, really beautiful rooms for us to gather in. We were content all round here. (mother of Daniel, 11, pronounced ADHS/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome)

"All the WAYS OUT team members exuded so much love and confidence, that you just had to feel good. Thank-you!" (mother of Mira, 5, epileptic since age 2--in the meantime completely free of symptoms)

"I can't even tell you all the good things that happened to us. We were surrounded by angels who took the best care of us; every one of them was warm-hearted and helpful." (mother of Lukas, 19 months, delayed development due to birth trauma)

Infos about our Camps

(4) We provide subsidies

So that families in need can afford promising treatments, we help them financially as well.

(5) We evaluate

Before therapists receive our recommendation, they must each pass an elaborate acceptance process - and from that point on continually demonstrate the extent to which they can successfully treat apparently "unavoidable" suffering. For our evaluations we enlist the help of patients, who report their experiences on questionnaires, as well as doctors from our Documentation and Evaluation Department. More infos ...

(6) We monitor

Authorized WAYS OUT representatives visit therapists' practices, in order to make observations – sometimes undercover (screening).

(7) We inform and educate

With benefit events and conventions. With informative books and brochures. We work with the press. In the internet. With our newsletter, Ways Out Info.

(8) We teach

Our Academy for Healing offers high quality-training courses from beginning to advanced levels in the unconventional healing methods that we use to help those with illnesses find a way out, taught by experienced instructors.

The Scientific Board of The Foundation for Ways Out includes university professors (of medicine, psychology, physics, theology, etc.) and medical doctors in various fields, as well as representatives from the church, economic experts, and journalists. Also, the former president of the German Medical Association and ex-chairman of a medical insurance organization.



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Managing Board

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Adult patients are helped by the "International Agency for Outstanding Healers" (OAOH) with which our charity is cooperating.

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"Good doctors respect and honor everything that really helps sick people. The Foundation for WAYS OUT will support and uplift the cultural development process of the modern healing arts."

Dr. med. Ellis Huber
former President of the German Medical Association of Berlin, ex-chairperson of a medical insurance organization

"As a mother of three children I can understand how difficult the situation is for parents of chronically ill children. That makes me all the happier that there are organizations such as WAYS OUT who support disadvantaged families and offer these children help and new perspectives."

Dr. Silvana-Koch-Mehrin
Vice President of the European Parliament, FDP boardmember

"Their commitment is really exemplary and earns respect and admiration. For their activities and own the well-being, I wish them strength and blessings."

Ruth Maria Kubitschek

"Congratulations on your wonderful social commitment. I find the Foundation for WAYS OUT and its valuable work very interesting."

Jutta Speidel

"The Foundation for WAYS OUT offers a way out not only for afflicted children, but also for our afflicted health and church system."

Prof. Dr. Walter J. Hollenweger

"A wonderful idea - of course I want to be involved."

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke
medical physician and psychotherapist

"Your active commitment impresses me greatly."

Rainer Holbe
author, TV journalist

"'Miracles are possible' was the name of a program that I moderated. I am happy to work with your wonderful foundation."

Dr. Franz Alt
author, TV journalist

With your donation ...

you help us to help!

Our donation account:
Foundation for WAYS OUT
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For making transfers from abroad exempt from bank fees:
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We would be happy to issue a donation receipt, which is fully tax deductible (in Germany).

The Foundation for WAYS OUT has been recognized by supervisory authorities to be "exclusively and directly charitable and benevolent". It is a member of the Federal Association of German Foundations, e.V., in Berlin.


Leitung: Katrin Lindenmayr
Dornbusch 3
69257 Wiesenbach

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